Greenwood Tree at Your Wedding

Unique music for your special occasion. Greenwood Tree has helped couples marry since 1985. We perform music of the British Isles on hammered dulcimer, guitar, mandolin, bowed psaltery, concertina, and bodhran. Lovely at ceremonies and quietly atmospheric for cocktail hours and dinners where you want to music to be present but not interfere with conversations.

We can also include classical favorites such as Pachelbel's "Canon in D," Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring," and Handel's "Alla Hornpipe" from Water Music. If you'd like a contra or square dance at the reception we can add a caller and fiddler.

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Planning a wedding can be stressful, and we'd like music to be the easiest piece of your planning. Music generally works well in three or four parts of a cermony:


15-30 minutes of background music while people are arriving, typically quiet instrumental selections from our repertoire. Visit our CD Baby page or Video, Audio, Photos page for samples.


The big moment as you're walking down the aisle! Some couples like to have two pieces of music: for example, one for the wedding party and another for the bride.

Here are some popular selections:

Music Selection On CD: Audio Sample
Pachelbel's Canon in D - our most requested piece at weddings (both to perform and not perform!) Greenleaf Fancy
The Minstrel Boy - often medleyed with Simple Gifts Windy and Warm
Simple Gifts - often medleyed with The Minstrel Boy Windy and Warm
Amelia - a beautiful waltz by Bob McQuillen Greenleaf Fancy
The Shepherd's Wife - another pretty waltz N/A
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by J. S. Bach Windy and Warm
French Schottische - despite the name, it doesn't sound like a schottische The Cottage Door
Punch and Judy Waltz - a bell-like waltz The Cottage Door

Quiet spot during the ceremony

Some couples like music during the ceremony itself with a special song, unity candle lighting, or simply a time to reflect quietly.

Any selection that works for the processional can work here, too.


Generally a more upbeat piece as the wedding party walks out and guests work their way toward the receiving line.

Here are some popular recessional selections:

Music Selection On CD: Audio Sample
Larry O'Gaff / Trippin' Up Stairs / Joy of My Life - a lively set of jigs Greenleaf Fancy
Gary Owen / Father O'Flynn / Blackthorn Stick - another set of jigs Windy and Warm
Dunmore Lasses / Mothers Delight - a pair of Irish reels Cottage Door
Bouchard's / La Belle Catherine - two French Canadian tunes N/A
Alla Hornpipe from Water Music by Handel. We perform it on hammered dulcimer and bodhran (Irish drum) N/A No recording (yet)



Dinners & Cocktail Hours

Instrumental music from our repertoire allows people to mingle and converse easily. Our inconspicuous sound system lets the music float throughout the room without getting in the way.


Have a barn dance at your wedding!

Live music at a wedding dance gets everyone happily on their feet. Greenwood Tree has performed at contra and square dances since the mid-1980s. We can add a fiddler to get a dance-band feel, and we know callers who can get even the shyest person out on the dance floor.

You don't need to know how to dance and there's no fancy footwork involved. The caller will walk everyone through the steps before each dance and give instructions during the dance itself. Most people have heard of square dances. Contra dances are similar but the dancers face each other in long lines rather than forming squares. More information about contra dances is available at the Tapestry Folkdance Center website.


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